How to deal with the negative employee!

How to deal with the negative employee!

In any company, there is always that employee who is not satisfied with his job, having this acidic behavior and spreading the negative energy in all over the place, this kind of employees are always easy to recognize from all the crowd as they are always nagging and talking negatively. They think they are the smartest and their bosses are not that much smart, so they always evaluate them and think they can do much better (sometimes they think they know better than CEO himself). Another topic they may talk about is that the company is falling and the competitors are much better or the clients are valueless.

Those employees can really do a huge amount of damage to the company, and sometimes you can’t fire them for several reasons. Actually, some of them may be good at their jobs and only seeking for attention. So to solve this problem first, you need to answer these 2 questions:

  1. This employee does good at his work and worth it?
  2. What are the results of his behavior on his performance and the other employees?

After answering and determine if this employee is worth it or not, here are some tips to deal with him as a manager.

  1. First of all, you should Hire right. of course, if you are facing this problem that means they are already hired but the easiest way to solve a problem is not to have it. So try to identify negative people during the interview, like asking if they ever thought they’ve been managed unfairly in the former job. and listen to if there are negative feelings in response.
  2. Don’t mix between a negative attitude and a poor performer.
  3. Use active listening to that understand the employee correctly. but don’t get dragged into his pessimistic mindset. Listen to their points, but don’t lose your realistic view.
  4. Ask them questions. and ask them to be clear about what is creating his negative actions.
  5. Don’t give them a lot of attention. because there are only seeking it and now rewarding bad behavior. but set standards. and spell out the results of negative behavior.

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