Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Critical Performance Indicators (CPI) will help the HR define the employees’ absence rate, average vacation days, etc.

Virtual attendance machine

Will help you sign in anywhere, knowing the exact time of checking in and out, which would support the documentation of absence and attendance and might impact employees’ evaluation.

Internal recruitment

There is the option of having a feature for internal recruitment referrals from the company employees, driving them to send announcements to their network.

Chatting modules

Chatting modules can be used to help different people across the company communicate together in a faster and more efficient way.

Salary information

This feature will help each employee know all the needed information about their salary: transfer time, any additions or deduction, currency exchange information, etc.

Trivia gaming-questions

Gaming contests that will engage employees together from the same department or from different departments, and will help them build good and better relations.

News center

Communication will be done through a news center where employees will know about the company's news and updates. These could be related to the company itself, like administrative work news, assignments, etc., or it could be related to staff news like birthdays, retirement parties, gatherings, etc.

Profile management

Each employee will have a username and password (or company ID) that will help them create their own profile where they can update and save all sorts of information whenever necessary. For a premium fee, you will get a feature to save work documents at your profile to access them when needed, anytime, anywhere.

Vacation workflow

You will have all the forms needed for vacation requests, line manager’s approval, etc. It could even be made through a sort of short messages instead of filing forms to minimize effort and time.

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