Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

What is Employee engagement and why is it critical to the company

Employee engagement is a workplace approach of connecting the employees with the organization emotionally. With this emotional connection employees become committed to the organization’s goals and values, as well as perform better to achieve organizational success.
Engaged employees perform better in all different aspects, they provide higher service quality, which leads to higher customer satisfaction, then this leads to increase sales from repeated purchases and referrals, and this eventually leads to higher levels of profits. According to a survey by Gallup, engaged teams show dramatically less employee turnover and absenteeism, 17% higher productivity and 21% greater profitability.

How can you make employees engaged?

There are a set of things you need to do to ensure your employees are engaged and passionate about what they do, and not just sticking around waiting for the next paycheck.

  • Communicate well
    Communication is vital to employee satisfaction whether it’s communicating company vision, plan, feedback, or answering employees’ queries.
    While constantly scheduling meetings for discussions can be difficult, in the modern digitalized organizations this process becomes easier with Communication and HR apps and tools. Purple Bureau HR app allows for effective communication through chatting feature, whether it’s a group or a one to one chat.
    And if the case at hand calls for a face to face meeting to sort things out, you can view your colleagues and managers’ calendars using the application and schedule meetings with them that are added automatically to their calendars.
  • Personalize your Coaching
    The best leaders and coaches are the ones that give each employee the needed training and coaching that is specifically tailored for them.
    Purple Bureau’s serious gaming feature provides many benefits that go beyond entertaining employees with a trivia game. The questions in the game could be used as a probing technique to know the depth of Employees’ knowledge about the company or its products and services. Using these employees’ answers from the game can give managers insights into their team members’ knowledge of product related aspects and discover weaknesses and unawareness, that could be used as a guide when tailoring their training programs.
  • Keep them informed
    While keeping your employees informed can apply to many forms of communication, additionally communication forms that we mentioned above, there can be other ways that make employees feel like they are in the loop like being informed with the company news and updates. And communicating this type of information has never been easier, with Purple Bureau instant notifications with news could be sent to their mobile phones this way employees will feel that they are a part of something and increases their sense of belonging and therefore engagement.
  • Get everyone a voice
    While being informed has a positive effect, employee engagement goes beyond knowledge it requires employees to feel like they have a saying in what happens around them, and that they are included in planning and decision-making. Purple Bureau regulates this process through voting feature, where employees can vote for proposed topics through their mobile application.
  • Reward and encourage
    Employees that perform well like to feel valued and encouraged. Whether this encouragement comes in the form of verbal appreciation, incentives, or rewards.
  • Fairness and Transparency
    Employees like to feel that they are in control of their own matters. They need to feel that they are treated with fairness and that all their attachments’ are being handled with transparency. Purple Bureau gives employees an access to check their salary information on their mobile application like transfer time, any additions or deduction, currency exchange information, etc.
    Also employees get to check their vacation balance and even request vacations through the mobile app.

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that all companies that have employee engagement as their mantra and exert the effort to achieve it maintain a higher level of employees. According to Douglas Klein, president of Sirota Survey Intelligence “Even in a tough economy, high-potential employees have other opportunities,” so an organization must strive to maintain its talents. Not to mention employee engagement’s role in organizational productivity and profitability.

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